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Republic Records China signs pop star Daisy Xue as its first artist

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Republic Records [269 articles]” href=””>Republic Records China, a division of Universal Music Group [2,393 articles]” href=””>Universal Music Greater China (UMGC), has signed Chinese pop star Daisy Xue – also known by her Mandarin name Daifei Xue (薛黛霏).

Xue is the first Chinese signed artist to the recently launched Republic Records China label.

Xue has garnered success across China following a string of tracks streamed billions of times domestically.

Her first single for the label, So Cool, is available now, and will be followed by Shi Guang Lie Che (Taking a Train to Travel Across Time) on September 22.

Xue first found attention through the Chinese talent show Super Girls in 2016.

Since then, Xue’s music has accumulated over 800 million streams on NetEase Cloud Music [41 articles]” href=””>NetEase Cloud Music, with hits including Feiqiu, Insomnia Flight and, most recently, The Love Party, which the label says has also been viewed over 4.5 billion times on Douyin, TikTok’s Chinese platform.

Republic Records China was launched in August as part of a strategic expansion within UMGC. The label’s focus is on signing and developing new Chinese musicians and C-pop artists from Mainland China for global audiences.

At the time, Universal said the expansion meant that it became “the first major music company to establish multiple frontline label operations across China”.

The label is the first international division to be launched by Republic Records, the label founded by brothers and Chief Executives Monte and Avery Lipman [15 articles]” href=””>Avery Lipman.

Republic Records is home to the likes of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Drake, The Weeknd and Post Malone.

“Daisy is one of the most promising Chinese Generation Z musicians today.”

Tony Wen, Republic Records China

Tony Wen, Managing Director of Republic Records China said, “I am thrilled to welcome Daisy to Republic, as the label’s first signed Chinese artist to release her single.

“A young shining star that has risen rapidly in this game-changing digital world, Daisy is one of the most promising Chinese Generation Z musicians today, thanks to her own distinctive style and voice.

“Republic Records China has worked closely with Daisy to develop a series of musical projects tailored to her unique talent and we look forward to introducing her music to a bigger audience, both domestically and internationally.”

“I feel extremely excited to be the first signed artist to be announced by Republic Records China.”

Daisy Xue

Daisy Xue, added: “I feel extremely excited to be the first signed artist to be announced by Republic Records China.

“This is an opportunity that many talented young people in China would desire so much, and I feel like the luckiest one among them.

“It is also a huge privilege for me to be able to work with Tony, a highly acclaimed music producer in China.

“The Republic Records China’s team has provided me with all-around professional support to realize my vision in music and to start an exciting new chapter of my career.”Music Business Worldwide


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